Risk Surveying & Assessments

Liability and Property Risk Surveying and Assessment for insurers either lead or co-insurers, brokers, and private companies.

  • We provide a prompt, cost-effective report in a format according to a client’s requirements identifying matters such as:
  • Positive and negative risk features;
  • Compliance with policy endorsements warranties and conditions;
  • Observational comment on sums insured’s and obvious absences of policy coverage;
  • Risk improvements/recommendations;
  • Provision of follow-on advice in complying with such improvements/recommendations;
  • Reports include either photographs or videos e.g. of process steps to facilitate clients understanding of risk features;
  • Assessment can be as a one-off attendance or a rolling programme over a period or over a range of sites e.g. a retail client is
Integrity Risk Surveying and Assessment

Integrity Risk Surveying and Assessment

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